The "Barn Raising" Plan: Interim Football Locker Room & Future Maintenance/FFA Workspace

"...That being said, there is a group that would like to use a hammer that is already owned and can be swung right now. Regarding the current 5-Phase Athletic Complex Improvement Plan, the current maintenance/FFA/football barn is not part of it and is to be left as it is. There is a group that would  like to propose to do something with it. In a collaborative financial and labor-intensive effort, the Maintenance Department, the BCGIC, and the Football Program would like to expand (24 by 48 feet) and re-face (something pleasing to the eye and in school colors) the barn. It would immediately "beautify" our athletic facilities, serve as an interim "home" for the football program (complete with stadium lockers), and eventually serve as an expanded workspace for our Maintenance Department and FFA club once the new athletic facility is constructed..."